Nowadays, it has been clearly evident, that the ways of modern civilisation are taking their tolls on the wellbeing of us human beings on all levels, we aim to counteract that. 

Where technology stresses us and distracts our focus, we practice mindfulness and meditation. 

Where obscure working environments leave our bodies screaming for attention and conscious movement, we practice Yoga and so many other workshops,.

Where the ways of the tribe got lost, and many are living far more isolated, than their social human nature requires, we practice community, by creating a platform & bringing the tribe together. 

We are clear of the perspective, that in an ever shifting & quickly evolving world, the only way to stay on top & clear in the storms of life, is to be anchored in your heart. 

This is what we want to help you achieve, this is our wish for ourselves, and for everyone who chooses to join our tribe. 

We offer various ways, options, perspectives & methods to achieve just that and want to invite you Hearty to come with all that you are. 

This festival is supposed to serve as a benchmark for many future gatherings to come, 

because we are dedicated to our mission as a long term commitment to get Backtobalance not only as individuals, but as a whole(some) community. 

so we, again, want to invite you, to be part of the first focal point of our goal

To get us, to get you, to get together