Becoming one with yourself, 

finding the path in the goal & the goal in the path,

Yoga is an essential philosophy in the pursuit of happiness.

By balancing and working on the mind, the breath and the body we are creating a strong, stable & flexible foundation for the inner unity. 

We offer you only high quality teachers from around the world and are honoured to create a space for you to meet & learn from them. 

Meditation & Mind

Meditation is an essential tool to manage your mind, 

which has various health benefits on your whole body. 

But, ultimately , it is about tapping into your own source of creation & 

finding peace, love and joy. 

This is what we would like you to achieve: 

to become a conscious co-creator, by tapping into your own creative power, 

If we all do this, and we manage to make our choices from a space of love, compassion, unity and peace, 

we are not only contributing to our quality of life: but also of our families, our communities, society, and the planet as a whole. 

Ultimately doing our part in the creation of a world of unity, compassion, love, and peace. 

We are, again, honored, to invite you to our festival, 

where you have the possibility to learn from accomplished teachers on the path of enlightenment. 

Different teachings, from all Wisdom-Schools, will find their place with us. 


The ultimate pursuit: 

How do we gain happiness? 

What is happiness? 

There are many ways, 

and many philosophies around this topic. 

What we are sure of, that it is possible, & that there is a way for everyone.

One thing is common for all ways: 

to look within. 

Because, true happiness and fulfillment is always experienced within. 

we want to help you create the inner environment for it. 

Different approaches will help you in this pursuit: 

to arrive in the now, 

where happiness is always here, within the source of creation inside all of us. 

Becoming aware, that all sensations are experienced through the gateway of our senses, which are within us. 

To help you reflect & evaluate your desires, 

which are clouding your peace and distracting you from the very moment, in which your happiness is to be found.

the present moment, in which life ultimately takes place, and is always fulfilling itself in & through us. 

The fulfilment that we seek is ultimately within.