Yoga Festival 2023



Yoga Festival


Yoga Festival 2023 in Vienna, Austria

We gather together in 2023 in Vienna


Namaste! Hari Om! Shalom, Salam & Grüßgott.

Beloved brothers & sisters!

We are excited to announce the second coming of the Back to Balance-Festival!

A one day experience, focused on you, and your inner balance.

To help you achieve that, we created a beautiful program built around just that concept:

to get together, to get us, to get you: backtobalance.

On the 3rd of Juli 2023, in Vienna at the “USUS am Wasser” right next to the Danube,

we are celebrating our one day festival of inner balance.

Many people lost the connection to themselves, especially while living in the city. So many impulses, lights and distractions, and one of the strongest factors- the stress – brought us the misbalance that is displayed throughout our society. We are creating a movement that establishes a different path: the path of the heart, health & consciousness.

To support you in this pursuit, we offer:

Opening ceremony with live concert

6 Workshops at 2 areas

Cacao ceremony

Liberation Dance

Fine food & selected goods at our marketplace

Water bar with various essential oils

Space for personal treatment/counselling

Colourful program for our youngest

All that combined in a beautiful location directly at the Danube, the USUS am Wasser

and all with one goal in heart: to deepen your relationship with you, and reclaiming your balance within.

Everybody has different keys to unlock the door that leads to that path. For some it is Yoga, Meditation or Breath work, and for some others it’s Dancing, Fitness or Spiritual Embodiment workshops.

We want to give you a taste of various approaches, because everyone has their slightly different recipe for their unique way of balance in body mind & spirit.

There will also be space for private treatments or counseling by private facilitators,

Do make use of the opportunity!




Tickets können online hier oder via direktem Banktransfer gekauft werden.

Bei direktem Banktransfer bitten wir um eine e-Mail mit vollem Namen, Geburtsdatum, Telefonnummer sowie Screenshot der Transaktion an und Du erhältst dein Ticket zum ausdrucken oder zeigst die digitale Kopie beim Eingang um dein Festival-Band zu erhalten. Falls Du dein Ticket und Festival-Band per Post erhalten möchtest sende uns bitte auch deine Anschrift. Aufgrund begrenzter Kapazität von 300 Tickets bitten wir um alsbaldige Reservierung, sodass dein Platz garantiert ist.

Tagesticket inklusive aller Workshops und Zeremonien: 52€
IBAN: AT53 1912 0001 0329 8010
Name: Morteza Ketabnevis

Abendticket für Liberation Dance und Kakaozeremonie: 35€
Exklusiv verfügbar an der Abendkassa vor Ort ab 18:00


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