workshop back to balance festival
Workshop At Back To Balance Festival

Learning about specific topics, 

gaining specific tools, 

benefiting from many years of experience: 

this is what we are trying to provide for you in our workshop formats, 

with accomplished teachers from various fields.

We are aiming to bring powerful practices to you, & want to facilitate the teaching of ancient secrets, 

through the invitation of masters from all over the world, and wisdom keepers from respected traditions. 

Linking the generations, and closing the gaps, 

by providing timeless wisdom of all ages. 

Ancient & modern, 

we want to bring to you a full spectrum approach, to move your body, expand your mind, open your heart,  and deepen your relationship with your self. 

So we can evolve within / and without. 

Our goal is to inspire you to commit to this inner work,

as our personal relationship is the foundation of all others, we deeply encourage you to go this way with us. 

Bringing practitioners that are on fire, 

so you can brighten your flame. 


Balance back to balance

In the constant act of staying in balance, 

it is important, that you find your unique way. 

We want to be a place, where you can widen your horizon, 

and gain new insight, 

through everything we offer: 

community, workshops, ceremony. 

Through this, we want to enrich your soil, so your life’s plant can grow. 

As real balance comes from nature, we want to help you to rediscover your connection to your own, unique, inner nature, as well as to mother nature herself, 

as she is who provides all the resources we need for a prosperous life of balance & joy. 

As the artificial city life often distracts us, we are aiming in building a bridge between the artificial, and our innate nature. 

So that we can establish a firm connection through daily practice, keep the connection, 

and be part of a movement, to again bring more natural ways into our world. 

Gift Bag

In cooperation with our dear sponsors, 

we put together a gift bag to welcome you with, 

with an arrangement of goodies, likely to put some sprinkles on your life &

support you to thrive. 

These presents, from our respected sponsors, 

are supposed to help you remember us, and is at the same time a “thank you” for joining our movement. 

We want to show you our appreciation, 

and give you something to hold on to, for an extended afterglow,

while at the same time being able to provide you value from our beloved partners. 

Friends & Tribe

Friends and tribe back to balance festival
Friends and tribe back to balance festival

Happy to have you in our Backtobalance family! 

We are all here together, 

Therefore, we are focused on creating a friendly atmosphere, 

where you can come as you are, inviting and encouraging you, 

to understand yourself as a friend, make new friends, 

and ultimately be part of our tribe; 

because: only together can we thrive.

Come as a stranger, leave as a friend. 

We are friend lovers, and tribe keepers. 

It is an essential part of our Vision, to make the tribe bigger, have it grow stronger, healthier, & happier. 

We are honoured to create this festival, and be the space holders for this communion of our tribe, 

to come together as one,

Let’s get together, & Feel alright!



Our Vision is to ignite a movement of balance, and have it spread all over the world. 

Not only do we want to empower you individually, but also empower our tribe, by bringing as much people together as possible. 

We want to invite you, to come out of this chaotic city life, and relax into an atmosphere of community and harmony, so you can get back to your life with a newly found balance. 

Through workshops, music, ceremony

Also, we are excited to share this way with our children, because ultimately we strive for creating a better future, which starts with the education of our youngest. 

Because, balanced people create a balanced world! 

And, this is what we aim for.

Balance to the people!  


We want to use our festival as a platform for artists & creators, to offer their goods. 

Different sustainable products from many categories, 

with a general focus on bringing you value, and tilting your physical scales into balance ! 

Nutrition Area

We are inspired to offer you the best possible food from all over the world.

Because a healthy, thriving body needs only the best fuel it can get. 

We are making sure, that you get just that, 

by hosting high quality soul nutrition, 

serving you only high quality cultural vegan & vegetarian bio food, 

to feed your balance,

and your foundation,

supporting your physical balance.

Children’s Programm

Our youngest are our future. 

That’s why we want to entertain them in a conscious, responsible & trustworthy way, 

so that they too can enjoy a festival of happiness & joy, 

while their parents can dive into the main program in a relaxed & responsible manner.